Saturday, December 20, 2008

First Entry

So, this is my first entry on my first blog. That's sad because I've worked in IT for 20 years, and am just NOW creating a blog. Three Dog Blog will be entertaining and depressing depending upon the day. As you might guess, I have three dogs. A very large black lab, named Jetta. An old beagle, named Babe, and a young beagle, Maisy. I intend to exclude the rest of my family; however, you never know.

It's ironic that as I'm kicking off this blog, all three dogs are sleeping one on each couch, and one on my bed. As you might guess, I don't follow "normal" dog training methods. Our home is like an ongoing experiment with dogs and kids. Oh, and wait, the cat. The cat, Josie, thinks the dogs are idiots, and probably the rest of the family too.

For now, this is it. I hope you will be kind if you respond.


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